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Energiser works on 3 different levels:

Individual - A chance to break from the routine of work and listen to something that takes you into a different world. It widens horizons and develops perspectives. Be inspired. Be More.

Team - Energisers provide talking points with your peers and superiors, building team spirit and effective communications. Teams can understand the different perspectives of their members through continued discussion and look at ways of modelling values in their day to day work based on the speaker input.

Organisation - the events offer immediate value in terms of engaging staff and encouraging them to discuss organisational values in a spontaneous and unforced way. Energiser events are open to staff from all levels of the organisation, meaning that traditional hierarchies are broken down.

Longer term, this leads to lasting benefits such as greater communication, a more engaged and open 'climate' and improved internal and external perceptions of the company as an excellent workplace - incredibly valuable in terms of retaining and recruiting staff.

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