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Developing an environment of creative energy and effective communication is a challenge every organization faces. Energiser has been created to provide a simple efficient means of delivering valuable messages in an interesting thought-provoking manner. The format of informal inspiring lunches has been successfully used by many companies, including The FT, Vodafone, Guardian and GSK.

Energiser has been created to deliver 12 monthly sessions that are relevant to your company’s culture, values and the messages you wish to communicate to your staff. We have more than 50 diverse and exceptional speakers who have climbed Everest, conquered cancer, raised millions for good causes and fought behind enemy lines. We also have the skills to train and support exceptional members of your own staff to ensure your message reaches across the company.

We manage the entire process and monitor feedback to increase quality and personal fit within your organization. Most importantly, we measure its effectiveness to ensure you get a clear commercial Return on Investment in addition to the many cultural benefits.

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