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We focus on building long term relationships with high ROI levels based
on a deep understanding of our clients’ business, market, culture and brand.

Explorers and adventurers – Columbus, Scott, Hillary, Armstrong (of the many!) have all left lasting impressions on the world. Their stories are courageous, their perseverance and pursuit of a dream – inspirational.

At InnerLimits we utilize their contemporary equivalents to differentiate and invigorate our clients’ brand and market. We provide events and people that capture Human values such as courage, perseverance and excitement and then integrate them into brand deployment, marketing, communications and customer generation activities. We deliver high impact, cost effective marketing solutions.

Brand Enhancement

Our role is to extend your current brand strategy by jointly creating exciting and unique marketing programmes utilising our events and people as metaphors for values like – courage, challenge, perseverance, inspiration and adventure.

Experiential Marketing

We create an experience that captures the heart and mind, where possible creating an environment where customers are involved and gain a one to one connection with your product or brand.

Event Coverage

Our relationships with global media organizations allow us to place our events such that they reach the most appropriate audience both regionally and globally. We are interested in the quality of coverage for our clients’ brands not simply pure reach levels.

Talent Management

We manage and support amazing people. Whether you want your brand to be associated with a modern Hillary, a mother of three who crossed a desert to raise money for a sick child or a blind man who has walked to the South Pole we can facilitate it.

Market Promotion

The best marketing programme is one that generates a measurable cash profit on the spend. Whether you wish to generate leads, directly acquire customers or allow a new audience to experience your product we can tailor a project to satisfy your needs.

Event Creation

When there isn’t an existing property that fits our clients’ objectives, we can create one for them. By working with the best event directors, leading athletes and governing bodies we can design world-class events based on your specific strategic objectives.

PR & Media Facilitation

The potential to generate PR from these projects is significant. The challenge is making it pertinent to the target audience. Our objective is to tailor the end product in partnership with your communications agencies so that it is correctly positioned to maximise the appropriate media coverage.

Affinity Marketing

Because we market values and lifestyle we can easily extend a single project into a long term relationship with a large group of target customers. We support you in establishing value based relationships with consumers building commitment to your brand and products.

Cause & CSR Related Marketing

The nature of our events and properties means we can seamlessly integrate charitable or socially focused activities. Whether you wish to inspire youth, provide educational resources, enhance environmental responsibility or highlight ability not disability we can build a high impact exciting platform.


Whilst our passion and vision have a social dimension we are a commercially driven operation and demand that all our projects deliver a clear measurable Return on Investment.

Unique Market Profile, Reach & Penetration

Outdoor adventure and endurance sports have nearly 500 million active participants globally with excellent demographics. Existing Media coverage from events and documentaries like Eco-Challenge, Volvo Round the World and Shackleton show a reach in the billions.

Adhesion of Inspirational Values to Commercial Brands

Adventure and Inspiration sports events have been used successfully to link society, investors and staff. Our events provide a diverse (geographical, environmental, historical, technological) platform for factual programming and education. Adventurers have been inspirational motivators for centuries and we directly support individuals to Be More creating modern Hillarys and aspirational figures in the local community. Pushing boundaries is inclusive and specifically supports the concept of ability not disability.

Commerical ROI

Numerous events of the past decade have shown that adventure delivers one of the best PR exposure returns of any marketing investment. It can be tailored to specific demographic and psychographic groups and is easily integrated into existing marketing investment. Additional commercial benefits include

  • Hospitality and Entertainment
  • Product placement
  • Customer acquisition
  • Employee recruitment, motivation and retention
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